Just a beginner?  No problem!  Everyone has to start somewhere and our experienced trainers will ensure you are performing movements appropriate for you, and in a safe manner. Experienced athlete looking to get fitter & stronger?  We have you covered too … with our focus on teaching good mechanics and quality movement with small class sizes, you are guaranteed to see results.

Adults who are new to Fitter Futures immediately see and feel the “Fitter Futures” difference compared to other gyms – we are so much more than a “gym”:

1. YOU COME FIRST: You immediately feel safe and supported. Our core values include “Athlete First”. That means we will always do what is in your best interests – athlete safety comes first.

2. QUALITY COACHING: We have a very experienced coaching team who really does pay attention to the detail. Our priority is to keep you safe; to coach and educate you about how to train good movement patterns, so you can develop strength from strong foundations and reduce injury risk. And continue doing this for a lifetime.

3. PERSONAL ATTENTION: You get lots of attention – at a personal level and from a coaching perspective. We genuinely care about every member. We want to learn about your journey. And we want to get to know you.

4. COMMUNITY: Our community is strong. From the moment you step through the door you will feel like you belong. Any feelings of apprehension, anxiety, insecurities or nervousness immediately ease when you realise this is one of the most supportive, least intimidating environments to train and improve your health and fitness. You don’t have to be “fitter” to get started. There is no judgement.

5. INCLUSIVENESS: No matter your ability, fitness level, exercise history, or limitations (such as existing injuries), we will look after you and modify programs accordingly. If you are receiving treatment from other allied health professionals (like physios, chiropractors, exercise physiologists or doctors and surgeons), we want to communicate with them about your treatment plan to make sure we are all working together, and on the same page.

It’s functional fitness … but not as you know it.

Please complete our Pre-Exercise Screening Questionnaire before training with us.