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Fitter Futures’ HEAT Coaching Program enables aspiring young athletes to reach their athletic potential so they can excel in their chosen sport, based on individualised programming delivered by specialist youth coaches.

Athletes will receive a best practice strength & conditioning program designed with their specific needs in mind.  This is a unique service that combines our expertise in coaching youth in functional fitness & movement (as a Brand X MethodTM Training Lab – one of only 3 in the world), with the expertise of Jeremy Hickmans, High Performance Coach.


We have designed the HEAT Coaching Program for:

  • Youth involved in competitive sport (i.e. aspiring athletes).
  • Youth wanting to reach their athletic potential.
  • Youth rehabilitating from injury who to return to 100% fitness.

Our HEAT Coaching Program will propel young athletes to greater heights so that when they are ready to compete again, they will be at their best and ahead of their competitors.  Plus they will be more knowledgeable about how to look after their body to thrive in life and competition.


HEAT Athletes will receive:

  1. Initial consultation and fitness assessment with your dedicated coach including a discussion around goal setting.
  2. Individualised weekly programming, fully customised based on your individual and sport specific needs. It will be a combination of functional movement training based on the world class Brand X MethodTM programming for youth, as well as input on program design from Jeremy Hickmans, High Performance Coach.  (STRONG Teens programming has less customisation, with all programming done in-house by the Fitter Futures team based on our STRONG Teens program design).
  1. Weekly check-in with your dedicated coach.
  2. Option to participate in weekly personal training sessions with your coach either in person or remotely.
  3. Guidance and knowledge sharing about other aspects of health and wellness necessary for athletes to reach their potential, such as nutrition, hydration and recovery.
  4. Access to our iNSPIRE Sport App which we will use to track progress, health and wellness, and to share educational content with the athlete, to help the athlete thrive.
  5. Unlimited virtual classes offered by Fitter Futures for kids and teenagers (valued at $25 per week)











Jeremy Hickmans, High Performance Coach

Jeremy (Jez) is an extended member of the Fitter Futures coaching team, with years of experience in high performance coaching, working with elite athletes in a variety of sports. (Brisbane Broncos, English Rugby League, Queensland Firebirds, St Peters’ National Swim Team, Queensland Academy of Sport, tennis coaching and others). H.E.A.T. athletes will benefit from Jez’s experience, as we consult with Jez on the design of the athlete’s program.  Jez’s experience in high performance coaching will add an extra dimension to the athlete’s program, taking into account individual needs and specific demands of their sport whilst ensuring a solid foundation for long term athletic development.

To discuss the suitability of your child’s participation in the HEAT Coaching Program contact us:

Phone: 0411 964 733 / Email: [email protected] 

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