Fitter Futures Learn to Lift Program 12+ years

Come along for a FREE TRIAL weight training for teens and tweens class and join the fun!

A comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of movement and strength training, learning 'how to lift' with good technique (age 11+ years)

Do you have a tween or teenager who has shown an interest in strength training, ‘lifting weights’ or going to the gym?  Or maybe they have access to a gym at home, at school or a commercial gym?

Our Learn to Lift Program is the perfect way to set them up for success, and to help keep them safe and injury-free when weight training in a gym environment.

It’s an investment all parents should consider for their own peace of mind – to keep kids safe and to improve their understanding of how to train THE RIGHT WAY.

Our Learn to Lift Program is designed to give athletes an understanding of how to perform functional movements with excellent mechanics and technique.  Each session we teach different movements starting with body weight resistance and progressing to weighted movements using equipment you find in most gyms.  Our objective is to for participants to understand how to perform each movement properly, so that they can establish good habits and replicate quality movement in their own training.

Each session in the Learn to Lift Program is very hands on, with athletes spending lots of time “doing” and practicing good technique under close supervision.  Importantly, they learn what to do, and what not to do when strength training.  Teens are also shown different exercises to help improve flexibility and mobility (something that many teens are lacking).

The class is conducted as a private small group training session, with a small coach-to-athlete ratio to ensure full supervision at all times.

There is also an education component to each session where we discuss a topic relevant to optimising training, performance, health and wellbeing.  Some examples are nutrition, recovery, sleep, mobility, goal setting, supplements and drugs in sport.

This is a great on-ramp program for any tween or teen who is considering training at Fitter Futures.  It’s also very worthwhile for any tweens or teens currently training in our group classes who would like to improve their understanding of movement and capability.

weight training for teens

Through this program our kids learn to:

Have FUN getting FITTER, STRONGER and more CAPABLE




Learn to set GOALS

Learn to meet CHALLENGES


Be INSPIRED and MOTIVATED to live a healthy active life.