Fitter Futures School Holiday Program 5+ years

A functional fitness and strength and conditioning program specifically designed for Kids aged 5+

We run a variety of fun, structured, strength and conditioning fitness programs during the school holidays for kids and teenagers. It’s a great way to keep them active and to improve their fitness and overall health and wellbeing. Get them off the couch, away from the screens and guaranteed to solve the “I’m Bored” claims!

No matter their level of fitness, our programs are all inclusive. All kids and teens in our programs will learn healthy movement patterns whilst working on balance, strength, agility, coordination and endurance

NOT all hard work, we also incorporate some fun physical challenges! And they will learn a thing or two about healthy habits and looking after their bodies in the educational component of our school holiday program.

Register your child (5+) or teenager in our Fitter Futures School Holiday Program