Tweens Program 9-12 years

A functional fitness and strength and conditioning program specifically designed for kids aged 9-12 years. (Sometimes younger or older kids depending on their capability and maturity)

A youth program specifically designed for ages 9 – 12’ish’ years (sometimes younger or older kids depending on their capability and maturity). Our 45 minute classes will build upon their physical abilities to promote healthy growth and development to improve the athleticism of every child, no matter their ability level.  The program incorporates functional movement using good mechanics, to build strong bones and muscles while improving balance, mobility, coordination, agility, core strength, cardio fitness and endurance.  We are also focused on improving their self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience which is much needed at this vulnerable age. Establishing healthy habits early on can help form a lifelong healthy connection to physical activity.

Stretching-Mobility-Skills (SMS) Sessions

We encourage our Tweens and Teens to attend these 15 minute SMS sessions (scheduled directly before or after the Teens class). The SMS session led by our coaches shows Tweens how to stretch and mobilise their bodies, and establishes a healthy habit of incorporating stretching and mobility into their exercise routine. This 15 minute session is perfect for our Tweens or Teens and they are included in our Youth Memberships. Please just ensure you book into them. 

Running & Agility Classes

For those tweens interested in improving their running, speed and agility we have a brand new 30 minute running & agility class. Having good strength is fundamental, however in this running & agility session we focus on the skills and technical components of running, accelerating, decelerating, changing direction and generating speed.  Under close supervision of a professional youth coach, they’ll learn how to perform these movements efficiently – using good technique and based on good movement patterns.  So they can improve and at the same time reduce injury risk by learning how to do it right!  

View class schedule here or download hard copy of the Term 4 Youth timetable here.

Through this program our kids learn to:

Have FUN getting FITTER, STRONGER and more CAPABLE




Learn to set GOALS

Learn to meet CHALLENGES


Be INSPIRED and MOTIVATED to live a healthy active life.