Our Programs

Australia’s Leading Strength and Conditioning Program for Kids & Teens

At our indoor gym for kids in Brisbane, we are leaders in Strength & Conditioning and Functional Fitness training for kids and teens.

Fitter Futures are leaders in delivering an all ability levels, all inclusive fitness program specifically designed for kids and teens. Fitter Futures programs incorporates functional movements that develop all aspects of fitness, like strength, core stability, cardio, power, speed, endurance, agility, co-ordination, body-awareness and balance. We are devoted to safety in movement and helping kids and teens develop a broad athletic foundation and healthy habits. Bringing a positive impact on not only their physical capability, but their mindset and emotional wellbeing too.

All Fitter Futures kids gym programming is based on The Brand X MethodTM; a comprehensive, next-generation fitness framework designed to deliver physical literacy, preventing injuries, improving sports performance, and keeping youth active and motivated to lead a fit and healthy life. Proudly, we are a Brand X Method Training Centre – the first in Australia, making us the leading choice of kids gyms in Brisbane. 

We are NOW offering Virtual Workouts for kids and teenagers!  The sessions are 30 mins long & they are interactive – the coach can see the athlete and the athlete can see the coach, which allows us to provide lots of motivation & feedback to the kids about their movement to ensure they are doing it correctly. Because we are a Brand X Method Training Centre, our programs are designed specific to the age group that we are working with to ensure the movements are of greatest benefit to them in terms of developing strength, stability & fitness. Check out the timetable for session times and make sure you BOOK! They are FREE to trial!